About Me

I’m a well-published London-based videographer, video editor and photographer with 17 years full-time professional experience. My love for making pictures hasn’t diminished at all over the years, and I always welcome new challenges. As a friendly native Yorkshireman I’m very much a people person, and pride myself on going the extra mile to make you the perfect video.

I spend my spare time dancing lindy hop, playing the piano and cycling.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch about your project, I’m always happy to help and spend time discussing how to help you to make great video or photo content.

My number is 07590 533049 or you can click on the link below to email me.

I have a fully-equipped studio in Harrow coupled with a full set of backgrounds and lighting, or I’m happy to come to you.



How I Got Started


In 2005, I was living in Gran Canaria, earning a living singing & dancing in a Blues Brothers Tribute Show (that’s me on the right!). I had a side hustle designing websites, which led to me doing a week’s work for a TV company that were filming on the island.


My First Camera


I used the money from that week to buy a camera, mainly to take pictures of bars and restaurants that I was making websites for. I bought a book on lighting, and realised that most of the lighting demos consisted of women on the beach wearing bikinis, and thought “Hang on, I live near the beach, I know people who own bikinis!” I asked a friend if she was interested in posing for me just for fun. That went well, I shot some more people, things quickly snowballed, and within two years I sold my first photo to a magazine.




I’ve always loved learning new skills, & things do have a habit of falling into my lap, so when I got a text one evening asking me to shoot a video the day I jumped at the chance, despite never having done it before. There was so much to learn between filming, editing, recording and editing sound but it’s great, I love how my days are all different now.


The Future

I’m super happy dividing my time between photo and video, but I still love trying new ideas, so if you have a project you want to try out that you don’t see on my website, give me a shout.

Matt Christie dancingLindy Hop
Matt Christie cycling up Galibier

Let's Get Started

Tell me what you need, we’ll have a chat about the details, and then set a date.

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