Video Editing


Are you shooting your own video? Does it not look quite as professional as you’d like? A little love and attention can make a huge difference.

I can add :-

  • Titles at the beginning and end
  • Motion Graphics to liven things up
  • Video and photo inserts to help get your message across
  • Subtitles for people watching on the tube
  • Music to help convey the right tone
  • Tidy up the sound quality
  • Improved colour/contrast
  • Improve shaky video footage
  • Remove backgrounds (in some cases)
  • Prices from £200

Consultations are free, so send me your video and I’ll tell you exactly what I can do.


Free Help Sheet

Matt worked as a video editor on two educational projects for me. We had raw footage which we sent over with a shooting plan and Matt tied it all together, added subtitles and animated intros/outros to each. What I liked most about Matt’s approach was how he dealt calmly and helpfully with the numerous changes, tweaks and restarts the project required. His pragmatic approach was central to this which is why I went straight to Matt for the second of the projects.

Ed Watson

Educational Expert & Learning Designer, Kepaga

Please Make My Video Look Professional

Matt regularly edits videos for us (coming up to a year now!) and I’m always impressed with his work. He responds to every email quickly, even if it’s just to let me know he’s on a shoot and will get it back to me ___. Matt’s never let me down with deadlines, even the ones with very short turnarounds. I’d highly recommend Matt!

Megan Matharu

Marketing Co-ordinator, Visual Comfort

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